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Glossier Turned to Tomorrow for their Move to Shopify

The Opportunity

The Glossier site experience is the most often referneced beauty site in the eCommerce industry. Features & functionality that have been emulated by hundreds of aspiring brands, bulit by large internal engineering and product teams.

The Solution

Tomorrow relaunched Glossier on Shopify in 8 short months, replicating every single feature that the brand had built over the previous 8 years. This launch represents a milestone in the industry, where large complex infrastructure is replaced by fast and efficient API-powered experiences.

What We Did

Frontend Design, Systems Architecture, Frontend & Backend Development, Custom Middleware, Custom ERP

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Supporting Seven Countries & Language Translations

Tomorrow's launch of & represents one of the first and the largest launch of Shopify Markets. This includes:

1. Geolocation modal with country detection and suggested redirect

2. A custom-built country selector with redirects across two store instances

3. Translation support integrated into Liquid and React components

4. Custom integration of market specific nav menu’s

5. Custom integration of currency-converted shipping thresholds and currency-based discount promotions

6. And lastly, we've allowed client-set rounded threshold values for all applicable currencies

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ERP-Like Features Built Directly on Shopify

Migrating from a custom platform to Shopify requires Tomorrow to develop ERP-like features on Shopify back end to handle real-time inventory movements, routing and fulfillment services for both online and in-store orders. It's extremely complicated but provides an advanced customer experience to have the ability to cancel orders by themselves and ensures inventory accuracies for fast-selling products.

Highly Custom Set & Bundle Functionality

We combined intuitive storefront UI/UX with a highly customized backend that supports an array of sets and set upsell requirements.

1. Displays as single line item, delivered to fulfillment as separate line items

In order to support a seamless communication with the fulfillment process, we implemented a custom solution that mimics a single set product in cart while also ensuring sets arrive as individual line items for orders.

2. Checkout Customization and Checkout Scripts

While sets display as a single line item, they are actually added to cart as individual child products. To achieve this for checkout, we had to take over the native line item summary to implement a custom approach that hides set child products and displays a mimicked set parent product

3. Support for Multiple Sets and Set Upsells

In order to support users adding multiple sets to cart (including multiple sets containing a common child product), we implemented custom line item properties including a unique 10-digit hash that keeps sets grouped when the same product is featured in two different sets.

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Set Upsells that Detect Child Products and Offers Seamless in-cart Upsells

Sets are setup as a parent ‘set’ product or an individual child products for each set item

1. The parent set product is used to dictate custom add to cart functionality:

1a. Adds child products to cart

1b. Attaches specific line item properties including a unique hash to properly identify and group set products

2. When a user upgrades to a set:

2a. Their existing qualifying line item gets transferred into a set child product with all of the relevant line item properties

2b. If the qualifying line item has a quantity of more than 1, a single quantity is transferred into the set, while the remainder remains as its own line item

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Advanced Promotions Enable Glossier to create Different Prices Across Markets and Currencies

Any promotion can be customized based on the customer’s currency and locale, for example:

1. Adding a GWP when a cart reaches $50, CAD$60, £40, or 300 kr.

2. Altering the effect of discount codes based on currency.

3. Restricting discount availability to certain currencies.

4. Providing locale-specific messaging on discounts.

How this works:

1. Glossier uses the theme customizer to set up messaging displayed to customers based on their currency and locale.

2. They couple this with heavily documented example configurations to manage complex discount functionality using Shopify Scripts.

3. Scripts and Themes are scheduled to be published ahead of time with Launchpad to manage a rapidly changing marketing strategy.

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White Glove Service for Enterprise Clients

Tomorrow recognizes that projects and clients require varying levels of service. We customize our level of interaction to fit our clients’ needs. 

1. Weekly meetings with Shopify, Client Tomorrow to ensure alignment

2. On-demand communication channels in Slack to provide expedited answers and direction

3. Direct channels with partner vendors to ensure timely responses

4. Daily meetings with client during launch preparation 

5. Vendor recommendations, coupled with customized solutioning as needed

6. Provide detailed testing plans and dedicated times for coordinated testing

7. Dedicated consulting for data mapping and import support

8. Increased Technical Architect support to solution throughout project 

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The project represents the largest and most public digital transformation in the history of DTC commerce, and it was all accomplished in 6 months.