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Our Premise

Brands grow revenue 2x faster on Shopify than on SFCC, while also significantly reducing their costs. We’ve outlined how and why in a presentation that we’d be happy to send to you.


After a brief intro about us, we start with a history of the two platforms, a comparison of the total cost of ownership between Shopify & SFCC, a deep dive into both tech stacks, we provide clarity around Shopify's headless platform, and a full list of Shopify's products & features.

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We hope that it serves as an all-in-one source of information that supports your decision on Shopify vs. SFCC

We Compare Shopify Platform Features against Salesforce Clouds, and Outline Comparative Costs

We clarify the relationship between Shopify products and those same offerings in Salesforce clouds. And then provide an overview of the Total Cost of Ownership between the two platforms for a sample enterprise brand.

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We Include a Side-by-Side Comparison of Tech Stack Features, Including both 2.0 vs. Hydrogen, and Assess both Developer Communities

We've listed key differences between the tech approaches adopted by the two platforms, and how those differences impact the developer communities that support each platform.

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Revenue Growth on Shopify Comes from our High Converting UX/UI Features + the Shopify Platform

With a reduction in total cost, more time and energy is spent on the site experience, on designing, building, and optimizing merchandising and marketing features, and integration of powerful features from the Shopify platform and 2200 supporting apps.

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A Quick Introduction to Tomorrow, an Agency that is Purpose-Built for Enterprise Complexity

Tomorrow's cofounders and executives are veterans of enterprise eCommerce, from both the Brand and Agency side. Before starting Tomorrow they spent their careers in the Demandware/SFCC ecosystem.

Tomorrow began with the intent to be the premier enterprise agency on Shopify, the only platform we work on. Our team is made-up of eCom experts in every discipline. We are industry leaders in Hydrogen & Oxygen builds, B2B, & Online Store 2.0 launches. We are proud to have worked with more of Shopify’s top 10 Clients than any other agency. ​

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The Tomorrow + Shopify Difference: We Focus on Driving Growth for Our Brands

Michelle Grant, Director of Strategy and Insights at SFCC, reported that US same store sales on SFCC grew 8% YoY for the weeks of BFCM

Nosto gathered 2022 BFCM online store data across 1,100+ mid-market and enterprise stores. The average "same store" YoY growth for all brands was 8.4%. The average "same store" YoY growth for brands on Shopify was 16.4%. The average "same store" YoY growth for brands partnering with Shopify + Tomorrow was 29.9%

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Shopify Specialists Globally
Full Site Launches since 2019
of GMV brought to Shopify in 2022 alone
Hydrogen & Oxygen Builds
Tomorrow debuted at #296 of 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Companies
Named Tomorrow Best Ecom Expert of the Year
Named Tomorrow Partner of the Year
Award-Winning Design & Builds

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Request our Shopify vs. SFCC Whitepaper

We hope that it serves as an all-in-one source of information that supports your decision on Shopify vs. SFCC. Approved businesses & individuals will receive a PDF via email. Please allow 1 business day for our reply.