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Bombas was one of the first single category, Direct to Consumer superstars.


Bombas approached Tomorrow to increase PDP conversion, cross-selling, discovery of new categories, and then apply content strategy from the PDP across their entire site.

PDP Redesign
Content Strategy
Technical Architecture

Add a Pair Module

The “Add a Pair” drop-down provides an array of cross-sell and product-filtering options in a small area.

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Mobile PDP Focus

You may think selling socks is simple, but we learned quickly that it’s not. We became hyper-focused on communicating all the unique product-features, a large array of pack-options, and Bombas’ renowned brand storytelling, all in the familiar confines of the phone.

Concentric Rings of Content Workshop

Because of the significance of the PDP in eCom, we kick off the Discovery phase with our unique Concentric Rings workshop. Rather than relying on documents passed on to us, we like to have a diverse cross-section of team members from the client (merchants, marketers, customer service reps, etc.) sit down with us and participate in a research exercise. The end-result provides the basis of our content strategy, which we call Concentric Rings of Content.

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A Design System for Storytelling

Expanding outwardly from cross-selling, we designed content-sections that not only support decision-making on the PDP, but can be leveraged throughout the customer journey; on PLPs, Homepages, Emails, and Social.

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A Culture of Testing

In our pursuit of the ultimate pack-upsell-module for this unique brand, we developed tons of prototypes and tested them with real actual customers.

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